About Us

Our Story

Andy Rawls Fine Texas Woodcraft was started in 2012 in Andy and his wife Emily's garage.  We began building small custom furniture pieces for residential clients in the Boerne area.  Not long after starting the business, we moved to an 800 sqf. shop right off of Main Street in Boerne.  Our business continued to grow through word of mouth and eventually we needed a larger space, so we moved into an 1800 sqf. woodworking shop outside of Boerne, which is where we are currently headquartered.  We've taken great pride in designing and building quality furniture, and that focus has given our business a reputation for stellar craftsmanship.  We've never advertised for customers, but have been able to gain new clients through word of mouth as the quality of our furniture advertises itself.   We are now using our experience and knowledge to develop a catalog of handcrafted furniture.  Our mission is to provide furniture, crafted with a lifetime guarantee, at a competitive price to our customers.  Please take some time to browse our catalog; we provide both furniture and smaller home goods, which make great gifts for any holiday.

Meet The Team

 Andy Rawls

I started building furniture in college while I was studying film at Baylor University.  During my time in Waco, I took several classes at Homestead Heritage under Paul Sellers and Frank Strazza.  Shortly after graduating college, I was accepted into a brief apprenticeship under Brian Boggs in Kentucky.  I had the opportunity to see a traditional approach to furniture-making in conjunction with modern production.  After Kentucky, I moved back to Waco working part-time in my shop.   Not long after my return to Waco, I moved to Boerne to get married.  I spent three years working under Brent Catterton at Catterton Woodworks.  This was a great experience building furniture and doors for some of the finer homes in the Boerne area.  Following Catterton Woodworks, I opened my own shop in my garage in 2010, building custom pieces for clients in the Texas Hillcountry.  Since then, I've moved into a 1800 sqf. workshop and built over 250 pieces reaching all the way to New York City.

Emily Rawls

Emily was an integral part of starting this company.  She's a wiz at handling the administrative side of the business and is also a huge asset with our marketing.  Her support & encouragement is what has brought us to where we are today.  As of lately, she isn't able to help as much as I wish she could due to our two crazy children who occupy most of her time!

Ryan Killough

Ryan Killough joined our team in 2016 and has quickly become a talented craftsman in the shop.  His path to woodworking started when he was young and began trying out all the tools in his dad’s workshop, partaking in various construction projects
throughout the years. In 2015, he received his bachelor’s degree in Forestry at Texas
A&M University studying the ecological aspect of diverse tree species and their
environment. Combining his past experiences, education, and his desire to create things
has brought him to where he is today.  Ryan believes that crafting furniture is more than just art but that there's history and life in each piece.


Building furniture is our passion and this passion has driven years of experience and is what makes our furniture so special.  We design our furniture with longevity in mind and each piece is thoughtfully crafted using solid joinery.  We look to today's antiques to understand how furniture should be built and it is these construction techniques that have allowed these antiques to last such long period of time.  We believe there is no reason to change these techniques, just improve how efficiently we can craft them.