Product Care

Any purchase you make comes with instructions on how to properly clean and maintain the finish.  Below is more information on how to care for our products and if you have any further questions please contact us.


Caring For Oil Finishes:

Our most common finish is a simple oil finish.  This finish excels at bringing out the natural beauty of the wood.  To protect the finish, regularly dust with a dry rag.  We recommend you re-wax your furniture every 8-10 months.  To clean our oil finishes, simply use a soft damp cloth.  We do not recommend using cleaning products over these finishes.  If the finish begins to look very dull or yellow in color, then it might be time to re oil the piece.  Please contact us for this process of re-oiling.

Caring For Lacquer Finishes:

Lacquer finish require very little maintenance and should not need to be re-applyied unless damaged.  To clean simply use a damp soft cloth and wipe away any staines or dirt.  

Damaged Finish:

Should your furniture get damaged by a scratch or dent, please call us and we will assist you in how to properly fix the problem.  Remeber that regular wear on furniture will happen and this is what begins to add character to the piece as it grows older with you family!

Cutting Boards and Utensils:

Our cutting boards can be regular maintained by liberally applying mineral oil or coconut oil. They can be cleaned with warm water.  Do not place in dishwasher.